Art, Panorama, Luxury in Budapest

Private suite with the stunning view of the city in a habitable work of art, yet still near downtown. Now available to rent.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sights of the capital: the Danube, the Castle and the Parliament. The eco-friendly building was designed by the Hungarian artist Varosi, to surround his sculptures and paintings.
Safe, luxurious and elegant 4 bedroom penthouse.
The concierge caters to your every need, the chauffeur-driven limousine whisks you downtown in minutes.


Welcome to my home!

I am Varosi, artist. As a follower of the Catalan Gaudi and the Austrian Hundertwasser, I have been creating habitable works of art for decades, where art, technology, luxury and joyfulness meet in a unique way.

Until now, my buildings could only be appreciated by those who bought them. But now I've made my own flat available for rent - so my guests can be part of the multisensorial experience in an even more direct way, as residents.



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